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Intuitive arts and energy medicine to heal and transform your life.
Intuitive Arts

Intuitive Arts and Therapeutic Bodywork 
with Teresa Laughlin, MSN, LMT

Shamanic Reiki
Here, we create a sacred container and call in your spiritual entourage to support you from exactly where you are. We craft your healing intention which becomes the seed that is watered and nourished throughout the session. There may be drum, bells, rattles, mantras, singing and/or ‘downloads’ from the subtle domains. Reiki (translated as universal life-force energy) is used throughout to finesse, clear and charge your being with living, loving light. In the spirit of not setting up expectations, I don’t want to tell you how you might feel after these sessions, however, it is usually in the spectrum of really darn good. It's also good to have free time after to settle into the experience.  Clients come in for weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions depending on their needs.
(Plan 1.5 hours for the first session)
Intuitive Readings
Sometimes one is simply curious, or needs more information, more clarity, or a clear reflection of one’s own inner promptings. Here again, we set a sacred container asking your spiritual entourage to support illumination of the information you seek. Tarot cards, heart walks, and shamanic journeys may be employed.  

Chord Cutting
It is natural for us to develop strong energetic connections to our partners, lovers and significant others.  Chord cutting sessions honor a time of transitioning out of those relationships.  Sometimes chords develop in what one would call a "dysfunctional relationship" or holds imprints from more trying times.  Chord cuttings are an opportunity to reclaim your energy and free up energetic currents that might have left one feeling "drained", "wound-up in", or "saturated by" the other person's energy.  Chord cuttings are done in the spirit of personal accountability; we are all responsible for what we do with our energy.  If time allows, a session may be finished with energy clearing and sealing.
Therapeutic Bodywork
Deeply nourishing, bodywork sessions combine modalities of deep tissue, myofacial release, and trigger point therapy to assist release of tension and stress from the physical body. Our physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual layers are all part of a cohesive Self. Tending to our physical self is equally important to tending any other level.  And sometimes, all it takes is a great massage makes the whole world shiny and new!

Craniosacral Therapy
Addressing tension patterns held within the fluid and connective tissue of the central nervous system, craniosacral therapy is a gentle, deeply therapeutic body of work.  Headaches, migraine, chronic pain, dental trauma, chronic tension & stress, can be greatly remedied by this modality.  Craniosacral therapy sessions can be pure cranio or blended with massage.


45 minutes $75
1 hour $100
1.25 hour $120
1.5 hour $140
2 hour session $170
Sliding scale available.
For sessions longer than 2 hour, add $1/min.
Phone/skype sessions available.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, these healing sessions are not a substitute for diagnosis of disease/disorder, emotional work, mental health-care or psychotherapy. Each person’s healing journey is unique: where you are is perfect and where you can go is limitless. I absolutely suggest having a knowledgeable and loving team to support you, your health and your life’s goals.


Please cancel or reschedule your session 24 hours ahead of time. The fee for late cancellation is 50% of the session.