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Body & Spirit

Soma & Psyche

Teresa Laughlin MSN, LMT OR# 18398 WA# MA60041347


Depth Hypnosis 

Shamanic Counseling

Energy Medicine

Cranialsacral Therapy

Integrative Bodywork

:::Working together:::


In-person Portland, Oregon

Limited bi-monthly schedule

Use the link below to schedule yourself for in-person sessions or

reach out via phone, text or e-mail to schedule



In-person Port Ludlow and Port Townsend Washington, Olympic Peninsula

Please phone, text or e-mail to schedule for in-person Washington sessions.

Thursdays at:

GLOW Natural Skin Care

244 Monroe Street, Port Townsend, WA







Virtual: Worldwide

 Depth Hypnosis, shamanic counseling, 

Reiki/energy medicine

Please phone, text or e-mail to schedule



craniosacral therapy 

Treats: headache, sinus issues, migraines, vestibular imbalances, chronic misalignment, TMJ, tinitus, jaw/head/neck/shoulder issues, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, psycho-somatic effects of chronic dissociation & PTSD, anxiety & depression, dental trauma, internal discord and foggy mind


Increases: sense of presence and spaciousness, connection with life-force, sense of well-being, connection with self and subtle body alignment.



energy medicine/Reiki

Treats: stress, anxiety, depression, disconnection with meaning/purpose/divine, emotional turmoil, heartache, overwork/overwhelm, grief & loss, cloudy thinking/confusion with path forward, spinning of wheels, inner-child trauma & tantrums, general inner discord and pre- & post-surgery well-being


Increases: relaxation, calm, feel-good feelings, lightness, connection with life-force and spiritual guidance, sense of well-being and connection with heart & soul/deeper self 

integrative massage therapy


 Massage/craniosacral therapy/energy work can be requested to be combined during in-person sessions.

Treats: chronic and acute pain, injury recovery, painful trigger points, headaches, neck tension and "kinks", limited range of motion, somatic impacts of stress/ anxiety/ depression, overwork/overwhelm postures,  regular self-care wellness routines


Increases: balance, ease, flow, comfort, relaxation, calm, feel-good feelings, lightness, connection with life-force, harmony with ability to rest/digest/receive


I use only 100% organic therapeutic oils & cremes, essential oils, hydrosols and flower essences.


Depth Hypnosis and

Shamanic Counseling  (DH/SC)

DH/SC are process oriented modalities that allow for exploration of the Self using altered states.  We work with altered states to intentionally direct our awareness to that which lies behind the scenes of the thoughts & narratives about who we are and what-is-so.  These methods of spiritual counseling seek to develop the clients relationship with inner guidance; to both prepare for and navigate the deeper waters that are shaping one's current experience.  As energetic charges from past and traumas are resolved, clients often discover a deeper, more authentically loving relationship with themselves,

 others they are in relationship with and with life in general. 

Conditions/ issues/ stages I work with:

abuse, accessing spiritual resources, addictions, adulting, 

anxiety, attachment, aversion, ancestral relationships,

belonging, body-issues, body-image issues, boundaries, broken-dreams,

compassion fatigue, career transitions, chronic illness, chronic pain, complex trauma,

coming of age transitions/initiations: 

birth, puberty, sexuality, mother/fatherhood, menopause, death,

defense mechanisms, depression, differentiation, disconnect, dysregulated nervous-system,

energy blocks, energy cords, energy drains, energetic patterns and templates, energetic interference,

generational trauma, grief & loss,

imposter syndrome, individuation, inner-child healing, inner-critic, inner-peace, introjects

life-transitions, loss of: hope, motivation, faith, etc., multi-cultural identities,

neglect, past-life trauma, phobia, power-loss, power-abuse, power-aversion, PTSD,

psychedelic journey preparations & integrations,

rootlessness, relationships, religious trauma,

self-esteem, self-trust, self-value, self-worth, soul-loss

spiritual awakening, spiritual crisis, spiritual growth


The path of Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Counseling harmonizes well for those who have explored themselves in therapeutic settings and for those who have explored their inner world through other mind-opening means including meditation and psychedelics.  

This is process oriented work and as such one must be in the position to put time, energy and financial resources towards the shift one longs for:  there is a minimum of 3 sessions required to begin this work and for those called to work with me over longer periods, I am happy to work out personalized packages that best suite my clients' circumstances.

Why would one want to work together over a longer period, say 3-6 months?  Usually one experiences the benefit of DH/SC  within the first few sessions.  As one discovers the level of insight that is made available, some folks find a readiness and willingness to untangle deeper layers of significant spiritual or ancestral karmas that need consistent time and energy to unravel while integrating changes within the personality level.


The first 10 minutes of this video speaks to the process of Depth Hypnosis, in which I am certified.

I recommend folks interested in spiritual counseling with me watch the whole thing.

Please reach out via phone or e-mail if you would like explore working together.





 Spiritual Counseling DH/SC

 $144 for 75 minutes

 $171 for 90 minutes

 Integrative massage, craniosacral therapy and/or energy medicine: 

$126 for 60 minutes

$144 for 75 minutes

$171 for 90 minutes

$225 for 120 minutes


Packages are available.

Please phone or e-mail with your interest.


Notes about preparations, timing and after care:

-I do my best to start and end sessions on time. 

-If it appears that it would be beneficial to spend a little more time together, I will do my very best to communicate and ask if that is welcome/doable.

-I do include buffers of time between clients so that transitions can be smooth and made with ease.  While I do not expect gratuity for any of my services, I will offer a pay scale that reflects the time scheduled and the time spent (should we go over) in session.  

-Please do not imbibe in alcohol, mind-altering substances or non-medically prescribed pharmaceuticals 24 hours before or 24 hours after DH/SC sessions. I'm happy to discuss why this is important, but don't worry, the CBD gummies you use for sleep are not going to be an issue.  

-Please schedule your sessions so that you have TIME and SPACE afterwards to stay tuned into yourself.  Perhaps space to take a walk, sit with a tree, journal, or take a nice long soak.

Disclaimer:  these sessions are not a substitute for diagnosis of disease/disorder. Each person’s healing journey is unique: where you are is perfect and where you can go is limitless. I absolutely suggest having a knowledgeable and loving team to support you, your health and your life’s goals.



Teresa is a true and gifted healer. I have worked with all manner of health providers throughout my life and I can say with all sincerity and seriousness that she is the most supportive, intelligent and effective of them all. I started working with Teresa three and half years ago after a troubling health diagnosis. Thrown into fear and uncertainty, I desperately needed someone to help me navigate my emotions and support my physical body for the best possible outcome. She works on multiple levels - spiritual, emotional, mental, somatic, ancestral, metaphysical - draws from so many different wisdom traditions, and is adaptable and skilled according to what I need that week. Her breadth of knowledge, understanding and intuition are amazing. She has opened me up to so many ideas and insights about myself, helping me to help myself. Most recently we started working together ‘remotely’, and our sessions are as impactful and powerful as ever before. It continually amazes me what I learn from her, how tuned in she is to me, and how much I gain from having her to coach and guide me. I will always consider it one of the greatest gifts that she is in my life, and I look forward to a continued and long working relationship with her!

LG, mystic, capricorn, mother

The COVID-19 pandemic has called on all of us to summon courage and faith and adjust our lives, work, how we interact and get our needs met. I am a regular client of Teresa and have taken transformational steps in my life over the last two years with the help of Teresa’s wide range of healing arts and exceptional intuitive skills. Last week, just when I needed support as I work long hours on the emergency response, I experienced a long-distance healing from Teresa that was as powerful as her in-person sessions. I could feel her and the Guides working at my crown and heart chakras, along my legs, and elsewhere. It was a remarkable experience of real time clearing and balancing of my energy field. One I can recommend to all at this time when we want to practice social distancing but benefit from the support we may need to stay centered and calm.

DB, playwright

Dear Teresa, I want to express my deepest gratitude for the healing session you blessed me with. Since then I have felt centered and I remember my dreams (both asleep and the awake ones) again. The illuminated path you helped me re-encounter brought me back to my love of travel and volunteering. I am leaving for a Ugandan refugee camp with a medical NGO. You helped in my healing, and now I can help others. Thank you for sharing your gift!

MB, nurse

I was fortunate to meet Teresa in the Spring of 2016, just as I was in the midst of an extraordinary high stress personal and professional time. From our very first session together, she was incredibly welcoming and supportive in helping me tap into what my body was communicating what it needed.

Our work together was truly underscored by how much of a collaborative process Teresa invited me to be a part of. She would encourage me to slow my breathing and gain clarity on what my body and psyche were communicating my area of focus for the session would need to be. From there she would access her toolkit of modalities (massage, reiki, craniosacral, etc.) and provide some of the most profound alternative medicine treatments I have ever received. These sessions helped me to ultimately process and recover from those stressful situations in my life, both personal and professional, that were resulting in off the charts cortisol levels.

RJ, consultant

Teresa has been an impeccable teacher & guide for me for several years. She holds immaculate space. Her prayers are beautiful and set a clear and safe container of gentleness and strength. Just yesterday I experienced a profound session with Teresa. There was so much sweetness and gentleness I was able to soften into the energy and allow my own body, spirit, soul and mind to open to this flow of light. As it washed over me, we both softly wept. Today I find my heart and channels clear and open. Deeply grateful for Teresa’s support and work with me as I continue my journey in this world; coming into alignment with my soul-self, supporting my body along the way.

KW, therapist

Teresa has had a wonderful, powerful effect on my life. I started having energy sessions with her in the fall of 2009. I didn’t know what to expect, and the truth is every session is entirely unique. She has serious medicine! I have

worked with her on many, many challenging situations in my life and I feel that her powers of healing have unblocked and smoothed out really discordant energies and patterns that were present. 

SFT, tarot reader


There is a $75 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

Teresa is truly a healer and has helped me immensely. I came to her after my husband passed and needed help reclaiming my life and my heart. She helped me with my spiritual pain, my physical pain and helped me find my center again. She's compassionate, intuitive, and very skilled in guiding you towards goals you might not even know you had. I highly recommend that you work with Teresa-you won't regret it.

MK, retired nurse

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